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Bagua - the map of Feng Shui

The bagua is considered to be a map of the energetic world. It is traditionally shown as an octagon with eight (ba) sections surrounding a central area (gua), the tai chi.

To make it easier to apply this energy map to your home or office, the corners of the bagua are extended to form a square, which is then divided into nine equal sections: Wealth, Fame, Authority, Relationships,Tai Chi, Creativity, Contemplation, Career and Helpful People. The first action is to clear the house of all clutter. Clutter, badly positioned furniture, sharp angles or lifeless corners should all be avoided as they are thought to cause physical, spiritual, interpersonal or financial problems among the people who live there.
Once you have defended yourself against these potentially harmful influences, place the bagua over a plan of your home and orientate it so that Career is at the bottom of the section, which is the front door or entrance. Career also represents your path in life. Wealth has as much to do with personal blessings as it does with money. Next to it is Fame, which concerns inner clarity and inspiration.

Relationships relate to your family and friends as well as your partner, while Authority is about your ancestors, your boss and your parents. Creativity is associated with your children and personal objects. Contemplation includes knowledge, spirituality and introspection. Helpful People refers to those with whom you enjoy mutual help and support, and Tai chi is important for maintaining health and life.

Once you have mapped out the nine areas in your living or working space, you can start to activate areas of the bagua to improve specific aspects of your life. This is achieved by placing objects in certain places to invite good fortune. If, for instance, you place a plant, especially the Chinese money plant, in Wealth, it will work wonders with your finances, while a crystal in Relationships will improve your marriage prospects. Your motivation should not be greed or selfishness, but a desire to bring about change for the better.

Wind chimes, crystals, indoor fountains, lamps, mirrors, aquariums, bells, bamboo flutes and flowers all attract beneficial chi and enhance the feng shui of your home, but don’t choose those that will have your subconscious screaming ‘What is that weird/ugly thing doing there!’ Apply the concepts with items that you are happy to be surrounded with.

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